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Open for Breakfast 7 Days a week.


Vancosta’s Family Restaurant

Breakfast Menu

Mon. 9-11, Tues.-Fri 7-11, Sat 8-12 and Sunday’s from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Breakfast Platters

All platters served country potatoes or grits and toast or biscuits.

One Egg Breakfast Fresh egg cooked any style $3.75
  With bacon or sausage $4.75
  With Country ham $6.95
  With NY Strip (8 oz.) $8.45
Two Egg Breakfast Cooked any style $4.75
  With bacon or sausage $5.75
  With Country ham $7.75
  With NY Strip (8 oz.) $8.95
Three Egg Omelet 3 fluffy eggs stuffed with your favorites  
  Western.........Ham, onion, pepper and American cheese $5.95
  Veggie............Mushrooms, onions, peppers and olives $5.75
  Meatlovers...Ham, bacon, sausage and American cheese $6.45
  Cheese...........American and Mozzarella cheese $5.65
Country Fried Chicken Egg battered, boneless chicken breast, topped with $6.75
  Skillet gravy and two eggs cooked any style  
Country Fried Steak Batter steak fritter covered with skillet gravy and $6.95
  Two eggs cooked any style  
Hot Cakes and French Toast Includes choice of country potatoes or grits  
Small Stack Two buttermilk pancakes $3.99
  With Bacon or sausage $4.95
The Real Stack Four large hotcakes $5.25
  With Bacon or sausage $6.45
Blueberry Cakes Two hotcakes stuffed with fresh blueberries $4.25
  With Bacon or sausage $5.25
Chocolate Chip Cakes Two hotcakes with chocolate chips and whip cream $4.25
  With Bacon or sausage $5.25
French Toast Two thick slices cooked to perfection $3.99
  With Bacon or sausage $4.95




Three eggs (cooked any style), bacon (2) and sausage links (2), country potatoes

or grits, toast or biscuit and two buttermilk pancakes………………………$8.75


Homemade Favorites


Breakfast Casserole      Twice baked with country potatoes and scrambled eggs                        

                                      Ham, bacon and Mozzarella cheese                                            $5.95

                                      Spinach, onion, Romano and Mozzarella cheeses                       $5.25

                                      Ham, onion, pepper and Mozzarella cheese                                $5.95


Vancosta’s Family Restaurant

Breakfast Menu


Sandwiches and Biscuits                                            Children’s Menu

Chicken, egg, cheese biscuit                           $3.25                    Served with bacon or sausage, milk or juice

Chicken only                                                   $2.95                                                              

Ham, egg, cheese biscuit                                 $2.95               One egg                       $3.25  

Ham only                                                        $2.55               Hot Cakes                   $3.35

Bacon, egg, cheese biscuit                              $2.95               Blueberry Cakes          $3.55

Bacon only                                                      $2.45               Choc. Chip Cakes       $3.55

Sausage, egg, cheese biscuit                           $2.75               Oatmeal                       $2.95

Sausage only                                                   $1.85                    Children 12 and under

Ham sandwich with egg & cheese                       $5.75                    (Dine-in only please)

Chicken sandwich with egg, cheese               $5.75              

BLT with egg and cheese                               $5.45               Croissants

BLT sandwich                                                $4.95                    Ham, egg and cheese          $5.75

                                                                                                                                Bacon, egg and cheese       $5.75

Make any sandwich, biscuit or Croissant a meal                                 Steak, egg and cheese              $5.95

Includes country potatoes or grits                                                         Sausage, egg and cheese            $5.75     

                                                                                                                         Egg and cheese                           $4.95

Croissant Combo……………            $6.75

Biscuit Combo……………... $4.75

Sandwich Combo………….. $6.75




Juices (apple, grapefruit, orange or tomato)                                        sm $1.75          lg $2.50                      

Milk, chocolate milk or hot chocolate, hot tea                                    $1.75                                      

*Iced tea, coffee, Coke, Diet, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, lemonade                $1.75              

*(Free refills)  


Ala Carte Menu

Bacon (4)                                            $1.95                           Grits (lg)                      $2.85              

Sausage links (3)                                 $2.25                           Sausage gravy (sm)     $1.15

Country Ham (6 oz.)                           $3.75                           Sausage gravy (lg)       $1.95  

Country Fried Chicken                       $3.50                           Egg (1)                        $.85

Toast & Jelly (White, Wheat or Rye)  $1.50                           Oatmeal                       $2.85

Biscuit (1)                                           $1.50                           Pancake (1)                 $2.45              

Biscuit and gravy (sm)                        $2.75                           French Toast               $2.95

Biscuit and gravy (lg)                         $4.25                           Country Potatoes        $1.75

Grits (sm)                                            $1.95                           Extra Cheese               $.50










Vancosta’s Family Restaurant 3830 Kecoughtan Rd. Hampton VA 23669 757-723-1800

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